…and here we go!

Oh dear, did I just become a blogger? I’ve always wanted to blog, but setting this up was pretty spur of the moment for me. I’m not great at keeping up with things online, especially now that it seems like there are 50 different means of saying hello to someone, but I wanted to share something with you a bit more personal than a photo in your Facebook news feed. While I do feel I would enjoy blogging about a broad spectrum of things, I am going to try and keep the mission of this blog simple and unclouded.



I was reflecting back on my cake journey with my hubby yesterday and wow, have things sure come a far way in only 4 years! For those of you who don’t know, it makes no sense that I do cakes. I have a science degree from a state university and didn’t know what fondant was until 2010. Yet here I am, making cakes from scratch out of my home that people actually want to pay me for! (That still floors me).


When my husband and I were just married we attended a birthday party for one of my nieces. The cake my sister in law made for her was phenomenal. It was a tiger laying down with his head up in the air and his tail curled gracefully around his body. I took one look at it, picked my jaw up off the floor, and told my husband I wanted to be able to do that for our future kids too. A short time later I had my opportunity to test out my caking skills. I don’t have a picture of that very first cake… for good reason (it melted into a puddle of frosting, mushy cake and my tears) but that cake is very special to me. It was the start of my journey.

Not to leave you hanging, I DO have a photo of my second cake, which is a replica of my first… only less puddley.


Four years later, countless hours of pouring over books and tutorials and lots and lots of trial and error… I’ve made it to a place where I feel pretty confident in my abilities in the kitchen and I want to pass that along. So there we have it. I’m a blogger. My hope for this blog is that it would serve as a source of inspiration for you. I will post photos of some of my cakes (you can always see them all at my facebook page) as well as the occasional tutorial. And also, I’m always happy to take questions or tutorial requests.

Thanks for reading and Happy Wednesday :)

-xo- Stacy


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