how to get uniform cupcakes every time

Uniform Cupcakes

After being in this business for a few years, this is something I’ve just taken for granted, but I remember when I first started out I had the hardest time getting each of my cupcakes to be the same size. I could eyeball it all day long and still end up with at least a few wonky cupcakes. Enter my new best friends… stainless steel scoops.

Uniform Cupcakes 1

These are an absolute essential in my kitchen. They come in every size under the sun and allow you to get the exact same amount of batter in each liner. Genius!

For a standard cupcake, you will want a 4 TBSP scoop like this one. It’s the same one I have and has served me well over the years. In fact, it just dipped up nearly 250 cupcakes this weekend.

I also own a 3 TBSP scoop, a 2 TBSP scoop and a 1 TBSP scoop. Here are their links and uses:

  • The 1 TBSP scoop: This is the perfect size for mini cupcakes.
  • The 2 TBSP scoop: I use this when I want to layer something into my cupcakes, like chocolate chips. I add a scoop of batter, sprinkle chocolate chips and add another scoop of batter.
  • The 3 TBSP scoop: Occasionally, I will add 1 TBSP of graham cracker crust to the bottom of my cupcakes, and in those cases the 3 TBSP scoop gives me the perfect amount of batter to get a good sized cupcake on top of the crust.

Uniform Cupcakes 2

They are pretty self explanatory… you just fill the scoop to the top…

Uniform Cupcakes 3

…and empty it out in a liner.

Uniform Cupcakes 4

Once your pan is full just pop them in the oven at 350 degrees until they spring back to the touch. My cupcakes take anywhere from 12-16 minutes to bake.

Uniform Cupcakes 5

And voila!

Uniform Cupcakes 6

Beautiful, consistently sized cupcakes.

Uniform Cupcakes 7


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