{portfolio} whitney + mike

I had the honor of setting up cupcakes as well as a cutting cake at Sticks today for Mike and Whitney’s special day. I had never been to Sticks before but it is SO neat! It’s always fun for me, after so many hours in the kitchen, to have my completed work set up and looking beautiful in a beautiful venue with beautiful decor. It heals a weary baker’s soul after she stayed up a little too late making sugar flowers… again.

Priebe Wedding 2

I ended up making 220 cupcakes in three flavors: peanut butter cup, raspberry truffle and wedding cake (almond). The cutting cake was coconut cake with a coconut cream filling and vanilla bean buttercream.

Priebe Wedding

I wish I had a picture of the tables. They were stunning! I replicated the black and white pattern of the table linens on the cake. For having no clue how I was going to do it I started it, I think it turned out well!

Priebe Wedding 1

I am finding weddings to be more and more challenging to bake for with a 1 1/2 year old, so I suppose now is as good of time as any to tell you that I am no longer accepting wedding orders. I do have quite a few on my calendar for 2014 already, but my husband and I decided I will wrap those up and call it quits for a while. I so appreciate all the business weddings have brought me thus far and am so thankful for all the referrals! I really do have the best customers.


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