gender reveal freebie!

I’m no expert, but I love graphic design.

I started playing around with it when I was engaged and ended up making all of our wedding invites and programs… and then wedding invites and programs for a friend… and then the same for another friend. I’ve done countless birthday invites and art prints for friends and family and now my love of graphic design has spilled over into my cake business.

This morning I was putting together a gender reveal cupcake and thought I’d try to put together a cute label for the box too. Without further ado, here is what I came up with!

Beaux or BowHere she is on the cupcake box. Cute, huh?

Little Beaux or little bow

You can download your own copy here.

It will be a PDF file you can download. I have it arranged so that it will print 6 of them on a sheet of 4″ x 3 1/3″ shipping labels like this one. Of course, you could always print them on regular paper too.

Little Beaux or Little Bow1

Enjoy and Happy Monday!

-xo- Stacy


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