{portfolio} teenage mutant ninja turtles cake

What a busy weekend! Lots of cupcakes, some more test batches of macaroons (I WILL figure you out!), and three cakes in a 24 hour period! Oh, and a teething little boy. Oof! Things were so chaotic I didn’t have a chance to take any tutorial pictures this week, but looking at my calendar, there will be plenty of opportunity to do some tutorials soon!

We have now reached my favorite time of the whole week though- cakes are gone, kitchen is clean and family time is about to  commence. Nothing on our schedule for the rest of the weekend outside of church and watching the Super Bowl. Such a blessing after a hectic few days.

My last cake of the weekend was a teenage mutant ninja turtle cake… and boy. was. it. FUN! I really enjoyed making the cake board into a pizza. It turned out so great!

The Welch Cupcakery: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cake

The bottom tier is chocolate cake with cookie dough frosting and the top tier is vanilla bean cake with cookie dough frosting.

The manhole cover was fun to make too! It is just a couple 6” cake boards hot glued together, covered in fondant and painted with silver luster dust. It worked out so perfectly!

The Welch Cupcakery: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cake

Have a great weekend! We’ll see you next week :)

-xo- Stacy


5 thoughts on “{portfolio} teenage mutant ninja turtles cake

  1. Hi! I’m Megan’s sister and love your cakes. I love the taste–you have amazing flavor combinations. And you also have awesome artistic talent. This is my favorite artistic creation so far. So much detail! You are so talented.

  2. Hi I am wondering how you made the cake board to look like a pizza? I have to make a cake similar to this this weekend. Any help would be great!

    • Hi Becky! I just covered the board in tan colored fondant using a bit of crisco to attach it and then rolled a long “snake” of the same color of fondant as the edge of the crust. Once I overlaid it around the cake board (attaching with water) I worked it a bit with my fingers to make it look more organic and brushed it with brown petal dust. I then used red royal icing a the “sauce” and stacked my cake on top of that so that the royal icing served as a glue to hold the cake. From there just add fondant or modeling chocolate toppings of your choice! Hope that helps!

      • Wow that is an awesome response, even better than I was hoping for! I’m excited to make the cake – thanks for your help!!

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