“where the wild things are” cake topper tutorial

I love to personalize my cakes in special ways and what better way to personalize a cake than to put your own little peanut’s mug on it?! I first saw this over on And Everything Sweet and thought it was such an adorable idea! I gave it a try last fall for my cousin’s little guy and boy. was. it. cute!

The Welch Cupcakery: Where the Wild Things Are Cake Topper Tutorial

It just takes a little computer know how, scissors, a glue stick and some packing tape.  Since the cake above is long, long gone, I’m recreating the cake topper with my own sweet little boy’s picture.

First you need to find a picture of Max. You can scan your copy of Where the Wild Things are or find the same photo online. Either way, just save the photo to your desktop.

I use Microsoft Publisher for all my design elements. It’s like the poor man’s photoshop… Or the photoshop illiterate man’s photoshop (raises hand). I pride myself in my ability to MacGyver photoshop elements with my cheapo software. It’s kind of my super power.  I know some of these screen shots are hard to read, but you can click on any of them to enlarge them.

Note: If you don’t have Publisher, don’t fret! It may take some trial and error with printing different sizes of your child’s photo, but you should be able to swing it! Go ahead and print the Max picture whatever size you’d like it and try to get a picture of your child printed where their face is about 20% the size of Max.  So if your Max is 6”, you’ll want your child’s face to be about 1.25”. Also, keep in mind you can flip your photo orientation using simple photo editing programs, like Microsoft Picture Manager, if your child is facing the wrong direction.

If you do have Publisher, first open up a new document. You’re now going to insert a picture, using the ‘picture’ button circled below.

The Welch Cupcakery: Where the Wild Things Are Cake Topper Tutorial

Add your picture of Max and crop it down as close to Max as you can.



I liked Max walking to the right, so I flipped the image horizontally.


You can now resize it to fit your cake. For a 6” cake, I think I made it about 4” tall. Just change the height of the item to 4″ in the top field I have circled and hit enter. It should auto size the width to keep it in proportion

. 5

Now add a picture of your little darling the same way we added Max’s picture and crop down as close to his/her face as you can.



Flip the image if necessary.


I then zoomed way in and tried to match the angle of Max’s face with my little guy’s face using the little green dot on the top of his photo.


Having the same angle on their faces is helpful when sizing your child’s photo because you can then drag your child’s photo on top of Max’s in Publisher but still see Max behind it, allowing you to compare their face sizes. If you let go of your child’s photo it will become opaque again, hiding Max’s face. Simply drag it away from Max, let go, and drag it back over his face, not letting go. You can study the size difference, resize it, overlay them again, resize them, overlay them again… you get the point. Just keep sizing and angling your photo until your little one’s eyes, nose and mouth line up as closely with Max’s as possible.

And yes, I am oh so aware of how creepy it looks…


Once it is all lined up just drag your little one’s face to Max’s side and print! I chose to print mine onto 110lb cardstock for stability.


Once you’ve printed your pictures, simply cut them out.



Lay your little darling’s face over Max’s to get an idea of where his crown would rest.


Draw a line where you need to trim your babe’s face.


And trim. (…just feels wrong, doesn’t it?)


Check your work and repeat on the sides of the face. Keep trimming until their face fits nicely inside Max’s hood.



Glue your little one’s face onto Max’s.



Now we just need to laminate it so that the oils in your frosting won’t wick up your topper. Just line one side with packing tape.


And then the other.


Trim the excess tape off and you’re done! Between the cardstock and the packing tape it will have enough stability to stand upright in your frosting.


Happy Rumpus’ing!

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