{portfolio} woodland cake

The Welch Cupcakery: Woodland Cake

I have been eyeing woodland themed cakes for a while now. There is something about the “rusticness” combined with whimsical colors and characters that gets me every time, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to design one this week for Sophia’s 2nd birthday! Sophia’s momma sent me a link to the adorable invites and thank you notes they got for the party as inspiration.


I was instantly drawn to that amazing gingham print around the outside. I have a slight gingham addiction…(as I write this post curled up with a gray gingham quilt I made my son) so I knew that had to make its way on the cake! And of course the stump adds such a beautiful, rustic element I wanted to make sure that played a role as well!

To show you a little of my creative process, this is the sketch I drew up while planning the cake…. which was not intended for any eyes but my own.   I think I stayed mostly in the lines. As you can see, many elements didn’t make it on the final cake, but that’s just how this business goes some days! Some elements just work better on paper. For example, the weight of balloon nearly pulled straight through the top tier… and there was no way a hedgehog or bird’s nest would fit on those edges! I’m so thrilled with the outcome though. Such an adorably rustic and fun cake.

The Welch Cupcakery: Woodland Cake The Welch Cupcakery: Woodland Cake

Oh! And I used homemade modeling chocolate for the first time! I’ll have to do some posts on that soon, because that stuff is AMAZING! The raccoon is made completely of it!

A big happy birthday, to the birthday girl! I hope you have a great one, Sophia!


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