baking up a surprise

Oh dear… it’s been over a month since I posted last. Sorry about that!  I have a pretty good reason, I promise!


About two month ago I started NEEEEDING a nap every day. I lived for my son’s nap times so I could nap too.  Then came a strong aversion to anything sweet (READ: CAKE AND FROSTING), an overwhelming desire to hug the porcelain throne every afternoon between 3pm and 7pm and then there was my super nose. I could smell the faintest offensive odor from a quarter mile away. It could only mean one thing…


I’m pregnant!! Baby Welch #2 is expected to make his/her arrival around December 19th.


Since finding out I have cut back my orders significantly, given the lack of energy and nausea. I do have plenty coming up on my calendar though and I will continue to make cakes until mid October, when I will start an extended maternity leave. To be really real with y’all… I don’t know what the future of The Welch Cupcakery looks like right now. I quit my desk job when my son was itty bitty so I could be a stay at home momma, and I intend to keep that my job numero uno.  I do plan on keeping up all my licensing and such but we will just have to play it by ear once our little darling makes their arrival. I don’t think the cupcakery will ever fully go away, but there may be a time of hibernation while I raise my babies.

So, that’s why I’ve been MIA. We feel so blessed and humbled that God has gifted us another babe and cannot wait for this Christmas season! Lord willing, it will be a very special one indeed :)

And if you love the sweet little retro oven cupcake holder, you should hop on over to check out Claudine’s etsy shop! She has so many adorable printables!


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