Yep… the blog as officially taken a back seat. More accurately, the trunk behind the back seat… because it’s pretty well fallen off my radar. I’ve been so busy chasing my little guy (who is two in less than a month!!), growing this lil’ babe, putting together a big boy room, putting together a nursery, planning birthday parties, planning vacations, playing with my little Etsy shop (Land of Mae!)… and you know, little things like laundry, dishes, meal planning and the sort. OOF! I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way, but yes… I have not posted in a long time :) So I thought maybe I should just check in, say hey, let you know we are still around and maybe post a couple pictures of recent orders.

The Welch Cupcakery: Gold Polka Dot and Coral Cake

The Welch Cupcakery: Safari Cupcakes The Welch Cupcakery: Safari Cupcakes The Welch Cupcakery:  Safari Cupcakes

The Welch Cupcakery: Lady Bug Cake

The Welch Cupcakery: Rustic Wedding Cupcakes

The Welch Cupcakery:  Thomas the Train Cake

The Welch Cupcakery: Polka Dot Smash Cake

The Welch Cupcakery: Succulent Wedding Cake

The Welch Cupcakery: Sesame Street Cupcakes

As I said before, I’ve slowed down on my cake orders to focus on some other aspects of life right now, but I have a lot of stuff coming up I’m super excited about! I’ve recently volunteered with Icing Smiles, an incredible organization that organizes bakers to  provide free cakes to critically ill children and their siblings. I actually have my first Icing Smiles cake this weekend, so be on the look out for that. I can’t believe I had never heard of their organization before, especially being in the business I am! So if you know of someone who may be eligible, check out their website for more information! They are nationwide!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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