Jesus Storybook Bible Advent Printable Freebie

With our sweet little girl due in a mere four weeks and Christmas coming in a mere five, I decided today was as good as any to throw together a little advent calendar! It’s nothing fancy, but it’ll suit our needs this holiday season. It’s full of fun activities, acts of service and each day has a story to read out of the Jesus Storybook Bible (perfect for our 2 year old little guy this holiday season!)


I found the idea for doing an advent calendar based on the Jesus Storybook Bible here at and loved the idea! It is one of the Bibles we read to our little guy each night, so it would be super easy and age appropriate for our us this year! Erin, the voice behind, writes, “There are 21 Old Testament stories in this Bible. Each one ends with a short paragraph about how the story relates to Jesus’ coming. Follow that with three stories about the birth of Christ and you have 24 days worth of material to go through with your family starting December 1st! And it helps tie the whole Bible together for even the littlest ones in your household!”


Simply download the PDF  (found at the end of this post) and print it on your home printer. Cut out the advent activities and the numbers.  I scrounged up 25 semi-matching envelopes and taped the numbers to them, then stuffed each envelope with an advent activity and taped them up on our chalkboard using some washi tape. I planned their order intentionally, keeping the stories in order of how they are laid out in the Bible, and also keeping weekends in mind for bigger activities like Christmas cookies or sledding so my hubby can join in on the fun! There are even 7 blank activity cards on the last page, allowing you to customize it however fits your family best!

Below you can see all the activities and stories.

Advent 1 Advent 2 Advent 3 Advent 4

And here is what one looks like all printed and cut!


Download it for free HERE!